Products Liability under Thai Law

Product Liability under Thai Law

In Thailand, products liability is covered under the Liability Arising from Damages from Unsafe Products Act of B.E. 2551 (2008) and which came into force on February 21, 2009. Before the enactment of More...

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Divorce in Thailand

Divorce in Thailand

Buddhism is the primary religion in Thailand and it may be a surprise to some that marriages can be terminated through civil enacted divorces. Like many other countries too, the More...

Intestate Succession in Thailand

Intestate Succession in Thailand

In Thailand, where a person died without having executed a will to govern the distribution of his assets, the provisions of the Thai Civil and Commercial Code govern. Under the More...

Application for legitimation of the child in Thailand

Child Legitimation Law in Thailand

The Thai Civil and Commercial Code provides the following: Section 1548. The father could apply for registration of legitimation of the child only when the father has got the More...

Condo Titles in Thailand

Fraud in Thailand

Under the Thai Criminal Code, the offense of cheating and fraud is committed if a person deceives another through assertion of any falsehood or by concealment of facts that should More...

Extradition in Thailand

Extradition in Thailand is defined generally as a legal process where one nation or State, surrenders a suspected criminal or a convict to the requesting State. In Thailand, More...

What is Medical Malpractice

What is Medical Malpractice

These are the basic you need to understand about medical malpractice in Thailand. Always speak to a lawyer in Thailand when More...

Thailand Personal Injury

Thailand Personal Injury Cases

Thailand personal injury case or simply wrongful act is defined as an act or omission committed by a person willfully More...

Owning Land in Thailand Compensation For Wrongful Acts

Thailand Civil and Commercial Code states that when a person committed wrongful act against another person,...

Condo Titles in Thailand Thai Rules in Personal Injury

The conflict rules in personal injury cases in Thailand are governed by Thailand’s Conflict of Laws...

Dispute Resolution in Thailand Dispute Resolution in Thailand

To unclog court dockets in Thailand, their court system adopted Alternative Dispute Resolution practices and since...

Franchising in Thailand

Franchising in Thailand

Franchising of a business in Thailand is one of the most common business endeavors in the country. By franchising, More...

Tax Obligation of Corporations

Based on the so called “lifeblood” doctrine, book authors described taxes as the bread and butter of one’s country. It gives..

Tax Implications in Thailand

Tax implications in Thailand of establishing branch office in Thailand has been viewed by some foreign corporations to be more practical..

Intestate Succession in Thailand

Intestate Succession in Thailand

In Thailand, where a person died without having executed a will to govern the distribution of his assets, the More...

Overview of Thailand Laws

History has shown that Thailand and the emergence of its laws have been greatly influenced by civil law concepts and as..

Inheritance in Thailand

In Thailand, a testator may disinherit any of their statutory heirs only by an express declaration of their intention to do..

Developments, Structures, and Relationships between European Union and ASEAN

ASEAN and European Union Nation states are seeking closer economic ties. Most of this is done by setting up bilateral treaties or creating multinational unions...

Acquisition of Condo by Thai National Married to Foreign Spouse

Thailand condominiums Thai law allows foreign persons to own condominium units, subject to restrictions as detailed in the Condominium Act of 1979. Furthermore,..
Right in Favor of Prior User

Right in Favor of Prior User

Trademark registration and Trademark lititgation can be avoided if you understand the basics of IP law in Thailand. This case is..
Trademark Disputes

Trademark Disputes

Trademark Litigation in Thailand on trademarks can be very costly. The matter of Orien SPA Co. Ltd. v. Piyawat Usahakamyang Co...
Legal Documents

Legal Documents

These are the basic legal documents needed when you are doing business in Thailand or considering renting, leasing for drafting a..