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BOI Eligible Activities for Promotion

Board of Investment Thailand
Thailand has been very specific and strict on what activities or businesses are allowed to operate in the country. Making sure that the country will develop and gain benefits as much as the businesses will benefit from what the country has to offer. So, before applying for a BOI promotion, one must check the eligible business activities allowed by Thailand. There are 8 categories that are allowed, this includes: 

  1. Agriculture and Agricultural products
  2. Mining, Ceramics and Basic metals
  3. Light Industry
  4. Metal Products, Machinery and Transport Equipment
  5. Electronic Industry and Electric Appliances
  6. Chemicals, Paper and Plastics
  7. Service and Public Utilities
  8. Technology and Innovation Development

Each of the categories’ activities is specified in the table below. Also shown in the last part of the table are the knowledge-based activities allowed to operate in Thailand.

Eligible Business Activities for BOI Promotions
Agriculture and Agricultural Products Manufacture of biological fertilizers, organic fertilizer, nano-coated organo-chemical fertilizer and bio-pesticides
Plant or animal breeding (only those that are not eligible for biotechnology activity)
Crop dying and silo facilities
Animal propagation or animal husbandry
Deep sea fishery
Grading, packaging and storage of plants, vegetables, fruits or flowers
Manufacture of modified starch or starch made from plants that have special properties
Manufacture of oil or fat from plants or animals
Manufacture of natural extracts or products from natural extracts
Manufacture of active ingredients from natural raw materials
Tanneries or leather finishing
Manufacture of natural rubber products (except for rubber bands, rubber balloons and rubber rings)
Manufacture of products from agricultural by-products or agricultural waste (except for those with uncomplicated production processes, eg drying or dehydration)
Manufacture of fuel from agricultural products, including agricultural scrap or garbage or waste
Manufacture of preservation of food, beverages, food additives or food ingredients using modern technology
Manufacture of medical food or food supplements
Cold storage, or cold storage and cold storage transportation
Trading center for agricultural goods
Manufacture of animal feed production and animal food ingredients
Manufacture of modern agricultural products or services related to modern agriculture
Mining, Ceramics and Basic Metals Prospecting of minerals
Potash mining and/or dressing
Manufacture of advanced or nano materials or products produced from advanced or nano materials
Manufacture of glass or ceramics products
Manufacture of fire-resistant materials or heat insulation
Manufacture of gypsum board or gypsum products
Manufacture of up-stream steel, e.g. hot metal, pig iron, sponge iron, Direct Reduction Iron (DRI) and Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI)
Manufacture of intermediate steel, e.g. slab, billet and bloom
Manufacture of down-stream steel
Manufacture of steel pipes or stainless-steel pipes
Manufacture of metal powder
Manufacture of ferro-alloy
Manufacture of cast iron/steel parts
Rolling, drawing, casting or forging of non-ferrous metals
Coil center
Manufacture of construction materials and pre-stressed concrete for public utilities
Light Industry Manufacture of textile products or parts
Manufacture of non-woven fabric or hygienic products made of non-woven fabric
Manufacture of bags or shoes or products made of leather or artificial leather
Manufacture of sports equipment or parts
Manufacture of musical instrument
Manufacture of furniture or parts
Manufacture of toys
Manufacture of gems and jewelry or parts including raw material and prototype
Manufacture of lenses
Manufacture of medical devices or parts
Metal Products, Machinery and Transport Equipment Manufacture of metal products including metal parts
Surface treatment or anodized surface treatment (except coating or coloring treatment for decoration purpose)
Heat treatment
Manufacture of multi-purpose engines and equipment
Manufacture of machinery, equipment and parts
Manufacture of general automobile
Manufacture of automobile engines
Manufacture of vehicle parts
Building or repair of ships
Manufacture and/or repair of rolling stocks, parts or equipment for rail system
Manufacture or repair of aircraft or aerospace devices and equipment
Manufacture of motorcycles
Manufacture of fuel cells
Fabrication industry or platform repair for petroleum industry
Manufacture of science equipment
Manufacture and/or repair of vehicles and weapon systems for national defense
Manufacture and/or repair of weapons and exercise-facilitating equipment for national defense and parts
Manufacture and/or repair of combat facilitating equipment such as bullet-proof and flak-proof vests, armors or bullet-proof and flak-proof shields
Electronic Industry and Electric Appliances Manufacture of electrical products
Manufacture of parts and/or equipment used for electrical products
Manufacture of electronic products
Manufacture of parts and/or equipment used for electronic products
Manufacture of material for microelectronics
Digital services
Chemicals, Paper and Plastics Manufacturing of chemical products for industry
Manufacture of eco-friendly chemicals or polymers or products from eco-friendly polymers
Oil refinery
Manufacture of petrochemicals
Manufacture of specialty polymers or specialty chemicals
Manufacture of plastic products for industrial goods
Manufacture of plastic packages with special properties
Manufacture of plastic products from recycled plastic
Active pharmaceutical ingredients
Manufacturing of medicines
Manufacture of chemical fundamental fertilizers
Manufacture of pulp or paper
Manufacture paper articles
Production of printed matter
Manufacture of body care products, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste and cosmetics
Manufacture of plastic products for consumer goods
Manufacture of products from pulp or paper
Service and Public Utilities Public utilities and basic services
Natural gas station
Mass transit systems and transportation of bulk goods
Logistics service centers
Real estate development for industrial use
Product sterilization services
Recycling and reuse of unwanted materials
Waste treatment or disposal
Thai motion picture production
Motion picture support services
Tourism promotion services
Activities to support tourism
Medical services
Development of labor’s accommodation in accordance with international standard
Smart city area development business
Smart city system development business
Distribution center with smart system
International Business Centre
EV charging stations
Housing projects for low-income earners
Technology and Innovation Development Targeted care technology development:

  • Biotechnology Development
  • Nano Technology Development
  • Advanced Material Technology Development
  • Digital Technology Development
Knowledge-Based Activities Economic forest plantation (except for Eucalyptus)
Creative product design and development center
Manufacture of aircraft or aircraft parts, such as airframe, critical parts, appliance equipment or other components
Manufacture and/or repair of unmanned systems for national defense and parts used in the manufacture and/or repair
Electronics design
Production of electricity or electricity and steam from garbage or refuse-derived fuel
Energy Service Company (ESCO)
Food innovation industrial zone
Industrial zone or technology zone
Cloud service
Research and development
Bio and medical industries
Advanced manufacturing industries
Basic and supporting industries
High-value services
Creative and digital industries
Engineering design
Scientific laboratories
Calibration services
Human resources development

Now that you have knowledge of the specific businesses or activities allowed to operate in Thailand, is your business included in the list? If it is, are you interested in setting up your company in Thailand? And, if you are interested, know that we are interested in serving you in your journey of getting a BOI company.

This would be your chance to benefit from what BOI Thailand has to offer for you. The application for BOI Thailand promotion and certification is best done through a Thai law firm as it is a very complex procedure. For assistance and consultation, please contact Siam Legal International.

Legal Advisors
Legal Advisors
Siam Legal is an international law firm composed of experienced lawyers, attorneys, and solicitors both in Thailand law and international laws. The law firm offers comprehensive legal services in Thailand to both local and foreign clients for civil & criminal litigation cases, labor disputes, commercial cases, divorce, adoption, extradition, fraud, and drug-related cases. Other legal expertise of the law firm varied in cases involving corporate law such as company registration and Thailand BOI, family law, property law, and private investigation.

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