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U.S. Embassy Bangkok Thailand

US Embassy Thailand
There are over a billion travelers all over the world. Did you know that? The top tourist destination is France receiving 89.4 million tourists or travelers. Ranked 3rd to having most tourists is the United States (U.S.) with 79.3 million. When it comes to Thailand, it is actually ranked 8th in the most visited country all over the world with the numbers going up to 39.8 million. And Thailand is actually ranked 1st to have most tourist arrivals in South East Asia.

People from all over the world have the ability to visit different countries. Thus, enabling many people to visit places that they wanted to go, that they desired to go. But given the ability, it does not mean that you are given the decision to stay. We are only given the ability to interact, interconnect to other people from other places. 

And because of the increasing amount of interaction between countries in today’s interconnected world, diplomatic offices are required in each country to facilitate and facilitate such encounters. Offices like a U.S. Embassy.

U.S. Embassy Bangkok Thailand

The role of an embassy is to represent the homeland, handle serious issues, and protect the rights of its residents while they are abroad. Specifically, the U.S. Embassy Bangkok Thailand provides services to American citizens and those citizens who wish to visit the U.S. or those who apply for visas. They facilitate, manage and instill rules of those American citizens who enter Thailand and those Thai citizens who enter the U.S.

Services and Offers Provided

There are numerous services that the embassy can help you with. From passports, visas, emergencies, and many others. Here is the list of services:

  • They issue and replace passports
  • They represent the interest of the U.S. government in Thailand
  • They record births of a U.S. citizen by a U.S. citizen that happened inside the Thailand
  • They receive and approve visa applications from, both, immigrants and non-immigrants
  • They notarize and certify documents related to U.S. citizens and documents that has anything to do with their government, U.S. government
  • They provide assistance and support to U.S. citizens in Thailand who are in need
  • They provide assistance to the family of the U.S. citizen who have died or who have an emergency situation in Thailand

Sections and their Objectives

The U.S. Embassy Bangkok Thailand, again, is made up of numerous sections for those numerous services listed above. And all the sections are expected to function altogether to serve the goals and objectives in Thailand. 

Here are the sections and the objectives of the sections:

  • Consular Section

    This section, it is consisting of the American Citizen Services Section and Visa Section.

    American Citizen Services Section. In this section, they accept passport applications, issues emergency passports, issues report of birth and death abroad, and notaries. They also handle federal benefits applications and provides emergency services for U.S. citizens who are in an Emergency Situation.

    Visa Section. This section provides services to Thai citizens who want to come to the U.S. for a limited amount of time or who want to stay indefinitely or permanently.

    Types of U.S. Visas:

  • Defense Attaché Office

    The mission of this section is to perform representational tasks. They represent on behalf of the Secretary of Defense, the Secretaries of the Military Services, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Chiefs of the US Military Services, and the Commander of Pacific Command.

  • Economic Section

    This section keeps track of Thailand’s economic, financial, energy, trade, investment, and labor trends. The section briefs the Thai government and the general public on U.S. positions on bilateral and multilateral economic problems. It also oversees the Thai-American Creative Partnership.

    The economic section also engages in diplomatic engagement and outreach on environmental, science and technology, and global health issues. This also works with other sections and agencies of the embassy to prevent human trafficking.

  • Management Section

    This section provides a comprehensive variety of management services to clients at the U.S. Mission in Thailand, as well as other posts in the East Asia and Pacific region (EAP). The office is responsible for the following sub-functions, which are manned by 365 U.S. citizens and Thai citizens.

    Varieties of Management Section:

    • Financial Management Center (FMC)
    • Regional Human Resources (RHR)
    • Information Resource Management (IRM)
    • General Services Office (GRO)
    • Facility Maintenance Section (FM)
    • Medical Unit (MED)
    • Community Liaison Office (CLO)
  • Media and Cultural Section

    This section is in charge of notifying issues in terms of public diplomacy and this includes media relations. They work with the bureaus overseen by the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs to carry out information and cultural activities on behalf of the U.S. government in Thailand.

    This section also offers a variety of educational and cultural services. They promote a greater knowledge of the U.S. and its connection with Thailand and collaborate closely with other sections of the U.S. Mission as well as many Thai organizations.

  • Political Section

    They are in charge of coordinating the security, defense, and alliance aspects of bilateral ties between the U.S. and Thailand. The personnel of this section keeps tabs on domestic political developments and acts as the embassy’s primary point of contact with the National Legislative Assembly, political parties, and province governments.

  • Refugee and Migration Affairs

    Their main responsibilities include: (1) Representing USG humanitarian policies and strategies; (2) Overseeing the implementation of PRM-funded assistance programs administered by international and non-governmental organizations; and (3) Assisting individuals referred by the United Nation High Commissioner (UNHCR) for refugees with their resettlement applications.

  • Regional Environmental Affairs Office

    This section updates the U.S. Department of State’s Oceans, International Environmental and Scientific Affairs Bureau on the state of the environment, science, technology, and health issues in Southeast Asia, and works closely with other U.S. government agencies such as USAID and the Centers for Disease Control. They also oversee small grants programs focused on environmental, health, and associated social awareness and education subjects.

  • Regional Security Office

    Their principal role is to ensure that the US government can carry out its diplomatic mission in a safe environment. They accomplish this by implementing processes and countermeasures that make it more difficult for hostile elements to target our persons and facilities.

  • International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Section

    They work with the Royal Thai Government, other US government agencies, regional governments, and non-governmental groups to develop programs to improve criminal justice capacity in Thailand and across the region.

Location and Contact Number

U.S. Embassy Bangkok
120-22 Wireless Road, Bangkok, Thailand 10330
Tel: +66-2-205-4000
Hours of Operations: Monday – Friday,
7:00am-4:00pm, excluding official holidays.

Note: Walk-ins to the embassy’s Consular Section and Visa Section will not be entertained if there has been no appointment booked through the U.S. Embassy website.

Need Assistance?

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