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U.S. Tourist Visa from Thailand

US Tourist Visa Thailand
When you think of traveling, what country comes out of your mind? Think about it.

Some of you might have thought of the United States (U.S.). According to the 2021 data of the World Population Review of the most traveled country around the world, U.S. is ranked 3rd with the numbers going up to 79.3 million travelers from around the world. 

Most of the reasons or purposes of their travel are for pleasure, amusement, visiting friends, some business-related travel, and seeking medical treatment. Do you plan to travel to the U.S.? If so, let us discuss how to get there.

U.S. Tourist Visa Thailand

What is it? U.S. Tourist Visa Thailand is what you need in order to get there.  It is a type of visa that will allow Thai citizens to travel to the U.S. and stay for a very limited time, enough for the purpose of why you are entering the country. There are 2 types of tourist visas, B-1, and B-2. Each of them has a different purpose, but in case the purpose is mixed between the 2 types of visas, they can get the B-1/B-2 visa.

B-1 US Tourist Visa

This is the one which you will get for the business-related types of travel. Examples are attending business conferences, meeting with business partners, negotiating business deals and this includes settling estates and properties.

B-2 US Tourist Visa

This one which you will get for recreational activities type of travels. For example, sightseeing, visiting relatives or friends. Also, this is the type of visa you will get in case your purpose is to seek medical treatment inside the country.

Cost, Processing Time, and Validity

U.S. Tourist Visa costs about THB 4,960 ($160).  In applying for the U.S. Tourist Visa, this would take about 2-3 weeks depending on the scheduled interview. If ever you are already planning to travel to the U.S., it is recommended to apply for it before a month of the scheduled travel of yours.

The tourist visa validity is only for 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, or a maximum of 10 years. However, once you already use it and already entered the country. You are only authorized to stay in the country for 6 months maximum.

Qualifications for U.S. Tourist Visa

The consular officer at the embassy or consulate will decide if you are eligible for the visa. Those applicants planning to get a tourist visa must have the following qualifications:

  • One must provide/have a purpose or objective. Whether they will travel for the purpose of business, seeking medical treatment, or recreational activity. 
  • One must have planned to stay in a limited amount of time, days, or months.
  • One must have evidence of sufficient funds to cover expenses while staying in the U.S.
  • One must have evidence of strong social and economic ties to their homeland. They must show that they have a permanent address outside of the United States, or family relative waiting for them when they come home and other social and economic ties that will be the reason for them to return to their home country.

Requirements and Documents for the Application of U.S. Tourist Visa

The application requires the submission of a number of papers. It is suggested for you organize them well. Here is the list of requirements and documents needed for the application for the tourist visa:

  • Thai ID card
  • Filled out the DS-160 application form
  • A valid passport that does not expire prior to 6 months of your intended stay
  • 2 copies 2×2 inches photograph
  • Receipt of U.S. Visa application fee
  • Financial Documents and other documents

Here is the list of documents you need:

  • If employed, one must have Letter of Employment
  • If self-employed, one must have proof of ownership
  • If one is a government employee, one must have No-Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Evidence of sufficient funds (like Bank Statements, Bank Passbook)
  • Tax ID, PAN ID, last year’s tax-related documents
  • Civil Documents (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, etc.)

How to Process the U.S. Tourist Visa Application

  1. Determine the type of visa that fits you.

    Decide what type of tourist visa you are going to get. Determine what purpose you have to enter the U.S. and determine the visa for you. Would it be the B-1, B-2, or the B-1/B-2?

  2. Fill out the application form (DS-160) online

    To apply for a tourist visa, you must first complete the sections and then submit your application online. The online form can take up to an hour to complete, you must be thorough when filling it out. You will receive a verification page and code after you submit it.

  3. Pay Fee online

    You will receive payment instructions for the visa fee after obtaining confirmation of your DS-160 form. Print the payment instruction and pay the applicable fee at any Krungsri Bank branch in Thailand.

  4. Schedule Interview

    You will be scheduled for a tourist visa interview after paying the fee. You must schedule this interview via the US Embassy in Bangkok. They have a heavy workload; it is suggested to set your appointment as soon as possible or well ahead of your scheduled travel to the U.S. You will receive an interview confirmation letter following the completion of this procedure, which you must bring to the interview.

  5. Show up at the scheduled interview

    A U.S. Embassy consular officer will ask you about your background and why you desire to visit the U.S. on the day of your interview. They will also check all of your documents. It is important that you prepare for them and organize them beforehand. Although the interviews are brief, you are reminded to answer questions honestly and reveal all relevant information in order to avoid complications in the future.

    You will be informed of the outcome of your visa application upon the completion of the interview. The consular officer will collect your passport if your visa is granted. You can pick up your passport at a post office or have it mailed to your home address along with the visa.

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