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Thai Law on Murder

Thai Law on MurderMurder is defined as an unlawful killing of a person usually committed with intent and malice. Malice is associated with the word mens rea which means “criminal mind”.

In Thailand, the Thai Criminal Code states that any person who kills another person shall be punished by death or imprisonment for a period of 15-20 years. Death in Thailand is classified as a capital punishment. Many tend to plead guilty in Thailand for murder as the sentence tends to be much lighter than if you denied it and are found guilty later. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand if you are arrested for murder.

Further, the Thai Criminal Code imposes the maximum penalty of death, when the killing was done under the following circumstances:

  1. If the victim is an ascendant of the offender;

  2. If the victim is an official acting in the exercise of his official functions or having exercise his functions;

  3. If the victim is a person who assisted, is planning to assist or has assisted an official who is performing an official function;

  4. If the killing was premeditated;

  5. If the offender employs torture or any acts of cruelty;

  6. If the killing was made for the purpose of preparing or facilitating the commission of another offense;

  7. If the killing was made for the purpose of securing the benefit of another offense, or for concealing another offense or for the purpose of escaping punishment from authorities for another offense.

In Thailand, the capital punishment is done through firing squad although it is now minimized since Thailand’s membership in the United Nations. Some of the offenders’ sentence of death penalties were commuted to life imprisonment instead.  A person sentenced to death in Thailand, however, can not apply for probation. Speak to a criminal lawyer in Thailand before arriving in a Thai court.

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