Published On: Thu, Nov 7th, 2013

Nor Sor Sam (NS-3) – Certificate of Use

The Nor Sor Sam, NS-3 or Certificate of Use, is the least definite Thai land title.  A green garuda appears on the Certificate of Use.

Nor Sor Sam (NS-3) - Certificate of UseThe certificate certifies that the owner has occupied the land and put it to good use.  The certificate grants the landowner the rights of possession, but these rights have yet to be officially confirmed.  Because the rights have not been confirmed, any transactions (buy, sell, mortgage) must be published at the Land Department without opposition for 30 days without before they can be registered.

Parcels represented by a Certificate of Use may have been surveyed against adjacent plots, but the surveys have not been correlated with a master survey or satellite photo.  The Certificate of Use is a floating map of the real property and may not have parcel points depicting the relationship to other parcels of land. As a result, the parcel size listed on the deed may be inaccurate.  It is advisable to get the boundaries surveyed before you buy.

Certificates of Use are kept at the District Land Department.  They include information on parcel size, location, and ownership records.  Like the Confirmed Certificate of Use, landowners have one year to remove squatters before the squatters gain ownership through hostile possession. See more title deeds listed on this website.

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Nor Sor Sam (NS-3) – Certificate of Use