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Legal Documents

These are the basic legal documents needed when you are doing business in Thailand or considering renting, leasing for drafting a standard agreement in Thailand. Speak to a lawyer if you are in doubt.

Legal Documents

NOTE : These are very basic agreements and it is always best to speak to a qualified lawyer before signing any documents. These are basic documents which cover very complicated issues. Always speak to a Thai lawyer before drafting or signing any documents!

Legal Advisor
Legal Advisor
Siam Legal is an international law firm composed of experienced lawyers, attorneys, and solicitors both in Thailand law and international laws. The law firm offers comprehensive legal services in Thailand to both local and foreign clients for civil & criminal litigation cases, labor disputes, commercial cases, divorce, adoption, extradition, fraud, and drug-related cases. Other legal expertise of the law firm varied in cases involving corporate law such as company registration and Thailand BOI, family law, property law, and private investigation.

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