Published On: Thu, Nov 7th, 2013

Chanote (NS-4) – Title Deed

The Chanote deed, or NS-4, shows full ownership rights to a piece of land.  Chanote deeds are the most dependable title in the Thai titling system.  A red garuda, or khrut, appears on a Chanote deed.

Chanote (NS-4) - Title Deed The Chanote deed lists the position of the land, total area, the title number, and the survey information.  A sketch of the property on the title shows the land parcel’s relation to neighboring parcels.  The original copies of Chanote deeds are kept at the Provincial Land Department.

All land parcels represented by Chanote deeds have been fully surveyed by the Land Department.  Concrete or metal survey markers are used to mark the corners of the real property.  The Land Department correlates the survey of the parcel to the national survey grid and satellite photographs.

Under Thai law, squatters who live on another person’s land without permission can eventually claim ownership of the parcel if the land’s rightful owner of does not evict them.  A Chanote title deed gives land owners 10 years evict squatters from their land before they lose their ownership. See more land title deeds here.

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  1. A. Mettam says:

    My partner’s mother died 8 years ago and the land is still her name. Now my partner wants to share with the land between three siblings. One sibling does not want to sign and keep the in the mothers name. Can this land remain in the mother’s name? Can he refuse?

    • Legal Advisors says:

      Hi Mettam,

      Under the statutory rights of inheritance law if the deceased person didn’t have a will of testament the property will be distributed equally to his/her statutory heirs. So, according to the law your wife have the rights to get her share on the property.

      If you need further assistance regarding with your property, you can email us at or call us at 083-605-8880.

      Thank you

  2. A. Mettam says:

    Thank you for your information. It was most helpful. There is another query. The youngest brother is a half brother. The mother and the father were never married. The land is in the name of the mother who died 8 years ago.I read that in this case the half brother does not get a share. Is this true? The other problem is that the younger brother has left wrecked cars and rubbish over a large part of the land. He is living in a wooden hut there for 8 years. The cars are wheel clamped. Should we try to evict him? I understand that if he stays another two years, he can claim the land.
    Thank you so much
    Adam john Mettam

    • Legal Advisors says:

      I just have a question
      Is their half-brother is also a biological child of their mother?
      Is there any blood relation between the half-brother and their mother?
      If they have no relationship at all even in a legal matter, then he will not be included in the distribution of their mother’s property, and if you want to evict him, I advise that you have to consult it first with your property lawyer.

      All the best

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