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Thailand Elite Visa

Thailand Elite Visa


  • Check out the new Thai Elite membership packages here: https://www.thaiembassy.com/thailand-visa/new-thailand-elite-packages-revealed
  • If you hold a Thailand Elite Easy Access visa and wants to upgrade to either the Elite Superiority Extension or Elite Ultimate Privilege, you can now upgrade your membership any time 3 months before your membership expires.
  • Stay informed on the recent developments and changes concerning the Thailand Elite Visa Program by referring to this page: Thai Elite Visa Updates

There is always paperwork to worry about before departing on a trip of your choosing, whether it be for business, pleasure, or any other reason. Even more stressful is the fact that every time you travel to your favorite or most frequented destination, you have to deal with the same paperwork and you are only given a few days to stay. The Thailand Elite Visa Program is a remedy offered by the Thai government for this situation.

In 2003, Thailand Elite Visa Program was introduced and set up by the Thai government under the Thailand Privilege Card Company, a subsidiary company of the Thailand Ministry of Tourism and Sports. This means your membership in the Thai Privilege card program includes a Privilege Entry Visa. It is by far the most convenient and stress-free visa to use to enter and live in Thailand with.

What is Thailand Elite Visa

The Thailand Elite Visa is a long-term visa given to Thailand Privilege Card members. It is under the category of a Tourist Visa or Privilege Entry (PE) Visa. It is a residence program allowing a foreigner to stay in Thailand for 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, or 20 years depending on the package that you have chosen in exchange for the membership fee.

It is for anyone who comes regularly to Thailand but has no time to process the paperwork to enter the country or the paperwork to renew the visa every single year. It aims to attract affluent visitors, businessmen, investors, and expats who regularly fly in and out of Thailand or those who want to live in Thailand.

Here is a list of why it is convenient and stress-free:

  • The Thailand Elite Visa is a 5-year renewable multiple-entry visa that allows you to stay for an additional year after each entry. Thai Elite members for 10 or 15 years will receive 2 sets and 3 sets of 5-year visas respectively.
  • The Thailand Elite visa allows the holder to stay in Thailand continuously unlike those other types of visas that require you to leave after 90 days or have a limitation of 90 days.
  • On the 90-day reporting required by Thai Immigration, the Thai Elite Visa holder will be represented by Thailand Elite staff and not you.
  • When landing in Thailand, Thai Elite Visa holders will undergo faster immigration and passport control procedures as well as airport transfer services.

Benefits of Thailand Elite Visa

By getting a Thai Elite Visa, one can say that you are in for a treat. Here is another list of reasons why it is convenient and stress-free.

  • Airport Services. The Thai Elite Visa and membership come with airport services. There will be someone who will pick you up and escort you to a fast-track lane at immigration.
  • Special Discounts. The Thailand Elite Membership gives you discounts on specific activities that one member does, like shopping discounts or sports activities discounts. You can even get a discount on their private jet and yacht.
  • Long-Term Stay. The Thailand Elite Visa gives you the chance to choose the number of days or years of your stay in the country and you do not have to worry about paperwork every time you come over.
  • 90-day Reporting. Thai Immigration requires foreigners staying in Thailand for an extended period to report their residence to immigration authorities every 90 days. Thailand Elite program offers support and assistance in completing the 90-day reporting, making it a more convenient experience for you.

Thailand Elite Packages and Fees

There are 7 different membership packages you can choose from the Thai Elite Visa. Here are the choices you can choose from:

Thailand Privilege Gold Membership

  • Costs 900,000 THB with no annual fee
  • Privilege points: 20 per year
  • Membership: 5 years
  • Multiple-entry visa
  • No age restriction

Thailand Privilege Platinum Membership

  • Costs 1.5 million THB with no annual fee (for main applicant)
  • 1 million THB for additional applicants with no annual fee
  • Multiple-entry visa, renewable for another 5 years
  • Privilege points: 35 per year
  • Membership: 10 years
  • No age restriction

Thailand Privilege Diamond Membership

  • Costs 2.5 million THB with no annual fee (for main applicant)
  • 1.5 million THB for additional applicant with no annual fee
  • Multiple-entry visa, renewable twice with 5 years each
  • Privilege points: 55 per year
  • Membership: 15 years
  • No age restriction

Thailand Privilege Reserve Membership

    • Costs 5 million THB with no annual fee
    • Membership: 20 years or more
    • Multiple-entry visa, renewable for another 5 years 3 times throughout the membership duration. Members can apply for another 5-year after the 20 years duration.
    • Privilege points: 120 per year
    • Only by invitation
    • No age restriction

How to Apply for Thai Elite Visa

In applying for the Thai Elite Visa, it is so easy that you do not need an agent or a third person to do it for you. It is stress-free and really made for convenience. Here is the process that you will go through upon applying for the Thai Elite Visa:

Application. Wherever you are in the world, you can apply for a Thai Elite Visa. Just fill in the necessary details and documents requested in the application form. Once submitted, they will do a thorough criminal background check on you and wait for the result for 4-6 weeks.

Membership Fee. If the result already came and was approved, you are paying the fee depending on your chosen package. The payment can be made online or by bank transfer.

Acceptance. Once the payment of the fee is done, you will receive the membership ID and instructions on how to receive the visa.

Issuance of Visa. The Thai Elite visa can be obtained at the Thai embassy or consulate in the member’s home country. Another option is if the applicant is already in Thailand, the Thai Elite visa can be affixed at the Bangkok Immigration office.

Qualifications for Thailand Elite Visa

Applicants or members seeking eligibility must possess and continue to uphold specific qualifications for the Thai Elite Privilege Card membership and the accompanying Thai Elite Visa, a process which may span from one to three months.

      • The applicant must be a holder of a foreign passport.
      • The applicant should have a record free of overstays in Thailand.
      • Applicants should not have a criminal record that includes imprisonment sentences in any country, except for offenses committed due to negligence.
      • Financial stability is crucial; thus, applicants who have been adjudicated bankrupt are not eligible.
      • Potential members must be of sound mind, not legally declared incompetent, or quasi-incompetent.
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